The Basics - Cleaning
The base of each care is the deep cleaning in the morning and at night. Cleanliness and freshness for the skin.
LAURA LANE offers well chosen cleaning products which clean the skin by special herbal ingredients from make-up and dirt and at the same time spend moisture and well being.

The Essentials - Aroma concentrates

Aroma care - Indulging the skin and the senses. The concentrated power of well chosen herbal compositions for an excellent skin care.
Well chosen ethereal oils have been united to a special composition to offer a maximum at care and pure relaxing of the senses.

The Specials - Eyes and lips
Special products for the care of the sensible eye and lip area with the power of plant and aroma active components.
Exclusive active components care for and stabilise the skin of eyes and lips.

The Creams - Face care
Care creams for every demand. With the special energy of exclusive herbal active substances. Refreshing new - refreshing different.
Herbal active substances, refined by modern technology, protect and cultivate the skin.
New power and energy for more charisma and youthful freshness.

The Masks - Care masks
This care is a class of it's own.
Masks for a beautiful and cultivated skin. The holidays in between.
Beautifying with a high care effect. The beauty treatment for at home.

The Concentrates - Ampullas
The new highlight of the natural care of LAURA LANE. Ampullas for the selected assistance in cosmetic care in your institute - for every type and every need of your skin.

The Body - Body care
A special kind of body care with the power of plants and essential oils.
Well chosen ingredients care for the skin, sharpen the outline of your body and relaxe the spirit.