7.1 Bath Oil

Purifying and relaxing bath oil with aromatic essences. The skin gains new freshness and brilliance through special herbal oils and an aroma conception which is especially rich of detoxicating and purifying additives. The body gets relaxed, toxines get flushed out, waste fluid retention removed.

7.2 Firming Body Oil
Tightening aroma concentrate

Tightening aroma concentrate for every skin. May be used as it is or in connection with a body care.
Aromatic essences care for an enhancement of the elasticity and tightness of the skin. Unaesthetic fat pads and dents get moderated, fluid retentions get flushed out. The skin gains new elasticity and vitality.

7.3 Body Silk
Body lotion

Slight but rich body lotion for every skin. Provides an exceedingly soft and fresh feeling on the skin.
Valuable herbal essences increase the skins resistibility and proctect from bad outer effects. Get skin becomes invigorated and stabalised, provided with moisture and gains new freshness.