The new highlight of the natural care of LAURA LANE. Ampullas for the selected assistance in cosmetic care in your institute - for every type and every need of your skin.

Tightening ampulla with instant effect for special occasions. Moisturizes your skin, tightens and stabalizes the surface of the skin. Skin becomes smoother and well-proportioned.

Active components:
Hydrating hyaluronan protein complex
Tightening coaxel (bio-tech. plant active component)
Collagen rebuilding activating symglucan (oat extract)

Refreshing and balancing hydration ampulla.

Active components:
Protecting Konjak-Mannane (asian radix extract)
Natural NMF

2-phase ampulla to support the regeneration of the skin. Lines and crinkles become reduced, skin gains new tightness, elasticity and freshness.

Active components:
Phytohormons of Yams-radix and red clover
Hyaluronan acid spheres
Wheat germ lipids
Hibiscus extract reduces facial expression wrinkles ("Botox"-similar effect)

Balancing and comforting ampulla for every type of skin. Specially capable for gentle and fine skin, dryness and at abating impureness.

Active components:
Aloe vera concentrate with highly anti-inflammatory, relaxing and hydrating effect.

The ideal care for sensible and to cellulitis tending skin. Fights irritations and redness, soothes and cultivates the skin. Capillarys become strenghtend, the skin becomes more resistable and gains new transparency.

Active comonents:
Protecting algae extracts
Vasoconstrictive ruscus extract
Capsella bursa-pastoris works deretaining and astringent

The high-tech ampulla for ambitious skin. The skin gains new elasticity, tightness and extreme moisture. The skin becomes more smooth, vital and gains new youthfulness.

Active components:
Hydrating oyster shell extract
Skin smoothing proturon standard C (bio-tech. plant active component)
Regenerating salmon caviar extract

All ampullas are for external use. All ampullas can be introduced by iontophoresis (working electrode negative) and supersonic.